Hmm, young adults. Some are searching. Some are lost. Some have awesome jobs and a 401K. Some have student loans and would love to earn even minimum wage. Some have roommates (their parents?). Some live alone. Some, even, are homeless. Some love art and music and pubs and coffee. Some don’t. And some, many even, aren’t that interested in going to church – at least not a traditional church with hard pews and rigid ideas.

With this in mind, The Project F-M was born. A few years ago, a group of leaders in the Lutheran Church (ELCA) recognized that, though ministry among 20- and 30-somethings in Fargo-Moorhead is strong in some churches, there are plenty of gaps to fill. Fargo-Moorhead boasts some awesome folks who wouldn’t necessarily be comfortable going to a traditional church, but who might be interested in having a discussion about faith and spirituality. And, to be honest, those who already attend traditional churches can learn a lot from folks who might treat churches with a healthy skepticism.

So, that’s how The Project F-M began. In April 2015, we changed officially changed our name to CounterSpace. CounterSpace is a community of faith and doubt making space with conversation and exploration.